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development path

1979: The predecessor of the Herun Group bathed in the sunshine and rain of reform and opening up, and embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship.


1996: The first logistics company of the Herun Group, Zhoushan Putuo Grease Transport and Trading Co., Ltd. was established. It has the largest vegetable oil transportation fleet in China, and its vegetable oil transportation share accounts for 85% of the domestic market.


1998: Herun entered the real estate industry and established Zhoushan Zhonglian Real Estate Co., Ltd.


2000: Herun entered the oil storage and trade industry and established Zhoushan Jinhui Petroleum Co., Ltd., which is an enterprise with the qualification of operating refined oil products approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

Year 2000

2001: Herun entered the grain and oil processing and grain logistics industry and established Zhoushan Zhonghai Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. As the first project of Zhoushan Lingang Industry, Zhoushan Zhonghai Cereals and Oils boosted the local industrial production by nearly 10% in the same year.


2003: Herun Petroleum's storage and trade industry develops by leaps and bounds, and established Zhoushan Jinrun Petroleum Transshipment Co., Ltd. to build an oil storage and trade base with a storage tank capacity of 1.68 million cubic meters in Liushan, Zhoushan and an annual transfer capacity of more than 20 million cubic meters .

Year 2003

2005: Zhejiang Herun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was registered. In 2008, after being approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Herun was upgraded to a no-industry, no-regional group.

In 2005

2008: Herun Group joined forces with Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and Ningbo Port Group to form Zhejiang Zhoushan Wugang Terminal Co., Ltd. to build a large-scale modern ore transfer terminal in the Yangtze River Delta.

Year 2008

2010: Established Jiangsu Zhonghai Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Runhua Logistics Co., Ltd., becoming important grain and oil processing bases and distribution hubs in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, laying the foundation for the implementation of the North Grain South Transportation Development Strategy.

year 2010

2011: Wuhan Zhonghai Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Herun Logistics Co., Ltd. were established to drive the development of grain and logistics enterprises in the region and form an industrial agglomeration and logistics network radiation.

year 2011

2013: Herun enters the international bulk cargo business, and cooperates with Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard to build four of the world's largest 180,000-ton bulk grain vessels, laying a solid foundation for opening international grain transportation routes.

year 2013

2014: Herun Beihai Warehousing Logistics and Soy Feed Protein Project was launched, marking the official launch of the construction of a grain and oil processing and grain logistics project in cooperation between Herun Group and Beihai.

Year 2014

2015: Herun Group and Putian City, Fujian signed an investment agreement on grain and oil logistics trade and deep processing of grain, oil and food projects, and Herun Oil and Grain and Oil Processing and Grain Logistics Industrial Park was set up in Putian.

2015 year

2016: Herun Group participated in the transformation of mixed ownership of Beidahuang Grain Group, a large state-owned grain enterprise. After the investment, Beidahuang Grain Group is one of the largest grain purchase and sale enterprises in Heilongjiang Province and the most influential in the industry in the country.

In the same year, Herun established a Logistics Division to carry out unified operation and management of the Group's logistics sector. At the same time, the route for the transfer and storage of bulk liners from Jinzhou Port to Yangzhong Port was opened, and the full cooperation between Herun Group and Beidahuang Group's "Beijing Grain and South Transport" was launched; and nearly a hundred new bulk river vessels were initially completed. The strategic layout of "Beijing Grain South Transport, River-Sea Intermodal Transport, and Port-Airline Interaction".

The foundation stone laying of the Sichuan Luzhou Grain Logistics Industrial Park of the Herun Group marks the official launch of the Herun Yinzhou project, and has become an important milestone of the strategy of Herun's foothold in Sichuan and its radiation to the southwest.

2016 year

On March 16, 2018, the Brazilian Port of Saint Louis project, jointly invested and constructed by China Communications Construction Corporation and Herun Group Co., Ltd., held a groundbreaking ceremony in San Luis, Maranhao, Brazil. The project is expected to become a "Belt and Road" demonstration project and an important hub for connecting Brazil and Latin America, promoting China-Pakistan and even China-Latin America facilities connectivity, smooth trade, financing and financing, and achieving joint development.

2018 year