Herun grain and oil processing
    Since the beginning of the new century, the Herun Group has taken the development of national industry as its responsibility, assisted the development of the country's grain industry, and made grain and oil processing and grain logistics the focus of industrial development. Taking the "combination of Hong Kong, production, trade, and integration" as an innovative development model, we will build grain and oil processing and grain logistics industrial parks along China's coast, along the river, along the river, and integrate them into the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Among them, Zhoushan in Zhejiang, Yangzhong in Jiangsu, Wuhan in Hubei, and Luzhou in Sichuan are the main axes. At the same time, Nanchang, Jiangxi, Yueyang, Hunan, South Bank of Chongqing, and Zhoukou, Henan are laid out to form a logistics network that radiates rivers, seas, and rivers. Yingkou, Liaoning, Cangzhou, Fujian Putian, Zhuhai, Guangdong, Beihai, Guangxi and other grain logistics and processing industrial parks have an annual grain processing capacity of more than 12 million tons, and annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan. At the same time, a comprehensive logistics system such as warehousing, trading, delivery, and distribution is established to provide society with safe, high-quality, and healthy grain, oil, and food products.
    Domestic layout of Herun's grain and oil processing and grain logistics industry


    Herun Food Logistics
    The Herun Group implements the national food security strategy and the national “Belt and Road” initiative, and determines the development plan of the grain logistics industry:
    Grain logistics industry operation measures: 1. "Three-line simultaneous development" 1. Construction of bulk commodity transfer terminals overseas.
    2. Build bulk commodity transfer terminals along the coast of China.
    3. Build bulk commodity transfer terminals along the Yangtze River.
    2. "Water and Land Linkage"
  1. Jianghaihe Intermodal Transport Group used its existing fleet of 1.6 million tons to transport soybeans and other agricultural products from Brazil and other South American states to China. The load was reduced in Zhoushan, and some were processed and exported directly in Zhoushan. Others were transported to Yangzhong and the Yangtze River through Jianghai Intermodal. Processing upstream.
  2. Public- railway-water interoperability Leveraging its advantages in water navigation capabilities and the convenience of the existing logistics project base next to the railway, through cooperative development, it combines with other logistics groups' highway logistics systems to form a public-railway-water intermodal network.
    Herun Zhejiang Zhoushan Cereals and Oils Industrial Park

    Herun Zhoushan Cereals and Oils Industrial Park is the first project of Zhoushan Lingang Industry, which brought the local industrial production value by nearly 10% in the same year when it was put into production. The park has 240,000 tons of vertical silos, 20,000 tons of room silos, 100,000 tons of oil storage tanks, and 80,000 tons of deep-water docks. There is also a 5,000-ton and 10,000-ton grain and oil bulk cargo terminal and a 3,000-ton and 1,000-ton berth each. The company handles 2,000 tons of soybeans and 3,000 tons of automated production lines daily; it also has a daily processing and processing capacity of 1,500 tons of rapeseed production lines and an annual processing of 50,000 tons of puffed soybean flour production lines. CNOOC Grain and Oil is a large-scale domestic integrated production and marketing enterprise of grain and oil. Its products are supplied to the domestic market and Southeast Asia and other international markets. For a long time, it has cooperated closely with the four major international grain companies and large state-owned grain and oil companies. The annual processing income is nearly 10 billion yuan.

    Herun Jiangsu Yangzhong Cereals and Oils Industrial Park

    Herun Jiangsu Zhonghai Cereals and Oils Industrial Park is located in the center of the Yangtze River's golden waterway, covering an area of 1,500 acres, and has a production line for processing 4,000 tons of soybean and 2,000 tons of rapeseed per day. It can provide 1.5 million tons of high-quality soybean oil and 800,000 tons of high-quality rapeseed oil to East China every year.

    There are 2 100,000-ton-level wharfs, 8 10,000-10,000-ton bulk terminals, 8 grain-oil raw materials warehouses, 400,000 tons, and oil tank reserves of 200,000 tons. The designed port has an annual throughput of 20 million tons. Herun Jiangsu Yangzhong Cereals and Oils Industrial Park is an important node for overseas domestic transportation and river-sea intermodal transportation. Grain products imported from Brazil, Argentina, and the United States transit through the park to serve customers in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. .

    Herun Hubei Wuhan Grain and Oil Industrial Park

    Herun Wuhan Zhonghai Cereals and Oils Industrial Park is located in the ancient Han Chu area of Wuhan, which is an ancient province of Jinghu and nine provinces. The park has a soybean oil production line with a daily output of 2,000 tons, a refined oil production line with a daily output of 600 tons, and a matching phospholipid drying production line.

    There are 4 3,000-ton wharfs and 5,000-ton general docks, and a 3,000-ton edible oil terminal; 4 bulk silos and 45 edible oil storage tanks with a total capacity of 100,000 tons. With this equipment, Wuhan Herun Logistics covers an area of 200 acres. At the same time, upstream and downstream enterprises are introduced to form an industrial agglomeration and product network radiation.

    Herun Pizhou Grain and Oil Industrial Park

    Herun Sichuan Yinzhou Grain and Oil Industry Park is a project for the construction of grain and oil logistics and deep processing of grain and oil using the Yangtze River shoreline and the rear land.

    The park covers an area of 600 acres, has a refining production line with a daily processing capacity of 600 tons, a supporting oil packaging production line, a production line with a daily processing capacity of 3,000 tons of rapeseed or soybeans, a feed factory with an annual output of 200,000 tons and related supporting facilities; Warehousing logistics and supporting facilities; at the same time, there are two 3,000-ton and 5,000-ton berths, factory-specific railway lines and related logistics and warehousing facilities, etc., which will provide rich grain, oil, food and smooth logistics services for the southwest.


    Beidahuang Grain Group

    Beidahuang Grain Group is one of the most influential grain purchase and sales leading companies in the same industry in Heilongjiang Province and the country. In 2016, Herun Group responded to the national call and deeply participated in the transformation of the mixed ownership of large state-owned Beidahuang Grain Group and became an important shareholder. Through this mixed reform, Herun Group's grain collection and storage capacity in Northeast China has been greatly improved, and the logistics network has been improved.

    Beiliang South Transport

    In 2016, Herun Group and Beidahuang Grain Group jointly launched a regular bulk cargo liner from Jinzhou Port, Liaoning to Yangzhong Port, Jiangsu. The implementation of this series of major measures provided a solid guarantee for the development of the country's "big agriculture" strategy and the implementation of the "North Grain and South Transport" strategy, effectively expanding the extension of the original industrial chain and business scope of the two parties to achieve the national " The Food Security Strategy has contributed.