Zhoushan Zhonglian Real Estate Co., Ltd.

    Zhoushan Zhonglian Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a professional real estate development company under the Herun Group. It specializes in real estate development and sales, interior and exterior decoration, metal materials, and building materials sales.

    Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the purpose of "developing with you" and is committed to creating high-quality, high-quality real estate. Under the guidance of the people-oriented business philosophy, the company has successfully developed Zhonglian Garden, Jinhui Apartment, Haishan Garden, Shuxiang Garden, Xuelin Yayuan, Wenxiang Garden, Herun Garden, Herun Maple Garden, and Runjin Bottle in Zhoushan. A series of high-quality real estates such as the Garden and the North Island Jiayuan and Yide Garden in Shanghai. The exquisite construction level and superior geographical environment have all made these projects into boutique real estates.

    In addition to these real estates, the company also pays attention to the development of boutique villas: "East Coast Seaview Villa" located in Zhujiajian Lover's Island. A successful example of development. In the "Herun Lake Village" project of the back garden development of Lincheng New District, the completion of the pure mountain villa explained to people a new kind of luxury mansion life full of North American style.

    The successful construction of batches of boutique real estate and villas has made Zhonglian Real Estate's strong corporate strength and excellent brand image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, making it one of the builders of Zhoushan, a sea garden city and Shanghai, an international metropolis.

    "Create the perfect space for customers", Zhonglian Real Estate will always uphold this mission and create a better life with you in the future!

    Chengdu Runfu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

    Chengdu Runfu Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Herun Group. The company was established in November 2012.It is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested by Herun Group and Fudu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. The business is real estate investment, development, and management. At present, the company has more than 50 employees and complete functional departments. The Chengdu "Run Fu International" project currently under development is divided into Phase I, Phase II and Phase III development. The first phase of the residential project "Run Fu International Garden" was launched in October 2014 and will be handed over at the end of 2016. After more than three years of ploughing into the Chengdu market, it has broken through the world of Chengdu with its masters. The project was word of mouth in the industry and the circle of friends of the owners. It has repeatedly received visits and guidance from related industry leaders in Sichuan Province, Yunnan, and Guizhou, and has gained excellent social reputation. The project is the highest-end luxury residential project in the Chengdu Financial City segment. Since its entry into the market, it has been recognized by the market. The sales volume of the first phase of residential sales has ranked first in the region. This project stands out in the Chengdu Financial City segment. The second and third phases of the project contain rich product lines, including Grade A office buildings, star-rated hotels, and large-scale commercial streets. The project will adopt the world's most advanced "networked" urban complex model and world-class building and business model, and will introduce new living, working and leisure experiences. A large-scale urban complex that integrates residence, office and leisure will also be built, and it will also become a new business landmark on Jiaozi Avenue.

    Northwest Shanghai Sub Center
    Cooperation with Hong Kong Changjiang Industry

    In 2003, the Group joined hands with Hong Kong Changjiang Industry to successfully acquire 341 acres of land, which will be used for retail and residential construction, with a construction area of nearly one million square meters. At present, the preliminary development of the project has been completed, and the construction of the project is proceeding steadily.

    After the completion of the Northwest City Sub-center, it will be full of traffic, mixed with clothes and shoes, and will be as good as Xujiahui and Wujiaochang, with a very popular popularity index and unlimited development potential.

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