Industrial Investment
    Shanghai Runhua Investment Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2002, Shanghai Runhua Investment Co., Ltd. is located in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. Mainly engaged in industrial investment, including investment in real estate, infrastructure, transportation, communications, tourism, involved in domestic trade, corporate asset management (except finance), investment consulting, financial consulting, etc.

    Runhua brings together first-class engineering management, technical personnel and management personnel. Adhering to the consistent investment strategy, it always pays attention to the pulse of international trade at all times, and carefully monitors the changes in the world economy and dynamic capital flows. The focus on risk control truly reflects the close integration of macro and micro, external and internal.

    Excellent location, sufficient funds, accurate information, scientific decision-making, institutionalized management, talents who are proficient in investment business, should be in good time, take advantage of land, and win people. The company is confident to make "Runhua" into an excellent enterprise .

    Leisure Travel
    Putuo Bihai Jinsha Tourism and Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Sun, beach and sea are the three major elements of modern tourism. Established in 2001, Putuo Bihai Jinsha Tourism and Entertainment Co., Ltd. is located on the Lover Island in Zhujiajian Shili Jinsha, a national-level scenic spot integrated with sea, sky and scenery. The fishing port Shenjiamen is connected by a bridge, only ten miles away from Zhoushan Airport. Continental vehicles can directly reach the island, yachts can be directly docked at the dock, and the transportation is very convenient. It is a comprehensive collection of tourism, vacation, leisure sightseeing and high-level conference reception. Sex service companies.

    According to the group plan, Bihai Sands Entertainment Co., Ltd. is about to establish the largest marine yacht club in East China based on Lover Island. The company is investing in the construction of 200 berth yacht docks and corresponding supporting facilities, more than ten individual luxury holiday villas, and Ferretti luxury yachts that have been invested for nearly 10 million yuan.

    Climb to the sea-viewing platform of Lover's Island. With Xuan Linfeng, you will feel that you have integrated into this sea, sky, mountain, and scenery, and become a part of nature. You return to nature and let nature return to you.

    Leisure Travel
    Lover Island and Run Club

    Lover Island is located on the east side of the central part of Zhujia Island, overlooking from a height, like a "human" character. The area of the island is only 0.2 square kilometers, and it is displayed in the world with its small and exquisite figure and the natural features of sea erosion wonders. The changing scenery and countless changes, with its unique name and lingering love legend, give people a romantic reverie. There are hotels on the island, with beautiful scenery and excellent facilities, which are good places for tourism and vacation.

    When you get together, you will be sorrowful, and you will not be sorrowful. It is difficult to call a lover until you reach Lover's Island. When you come to Lover's Island, you are all lover. When he is born again, he still remembers today's love.

    Lover Island, lend me a day trip to tie my life.

    Leisure Travel
    Zhoushan CITIC Putuo Hotel

    CITIC Putuo Hotel is an industry of Zhejiang Herun Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.The hotel is located in Putuo Mountain, one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. A few hundred meters to the right is Nantianmen, the short sacred site of the aunt, the parking lot and the ship pier. The environment is elegant and the traffic is convenient.

    The hotel is built according to the three-star standard. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, quaint and elegant. It is composed of buildings in Chinese gardens. It has a magnificent style and a unique style. , Fax, photocopying and tour guide services, is a good place for worship, sightseeing, summer, recuperation, is also an ideal place to receive various meetings, business negotiations.

    The CITIC Putuo Hotel is surrounded by the sun, the beach, the bay, the green trees and the Great Buddha of Guanyin. We are waiting for Chinese and foreign guests at any time. The hotel will provide you with stream service!