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Address: Zhujiajian Lover Island Headquarters Building, Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Phone: 0580-6631316

Email: herun@tenqux.com

Fax: 0580-6631155

About Herun


Herun Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensively run private enterprise, founded in 1979. The group has dozens of entities at home and abroad and holding shareholding companies. Its business covers grain and oil processing, modern logistics, oil storage and trading, real estate development, industrial investment and other fields. It has been among the top 500 private enterprises in China for many consecutive years, ranking 154th in 2018; China's top 500 private enterprises in manufacturing, ranking 83rd.
Since the beginning of the new century, Herun Group has taken the development of national industry as its responsibility, and adopted the combination of Hong Kong, industry, trade, and integration as its innovative industrial model to build grain and oil processing and grain logistics industrial parks in China along the river, along the coast, and along the line. Integration into the Yangtze River Economic Belt.
While laying out the grain and oil processing industrial park, strive to build a modern logistics system, fully implement the "Belt and Road" initiative and the "Jiangjiang-hailian transport" strategy, and establish a "river, sea, and river combined transport, public, iron, and water linkage" logistics system, Achieve the strategic goals of "Overseas Domestic Transport", "Northern Grain Transport" and "River-Sea Transport".
In 2016, Herun Group participated in the transformation of mixed ownership of the large grain state-owned enterprise, Beidahuang Grain Group; in the same year, it led the opening of the regular grain liner from Jinzhou Port in Liaoning to Yangzhong Port in Jiangsu, which provided a solid foundation for the strategic system of North Grain South Transport It has purchased nearly a hundred river-to-river special grain ships and set up a large-scale Yangtze river specialized grain transport fleet.
Entered the Brazilian market in 2017, and joined the CCCC Group to build the world's largest grain-only port in San Luis, Brazil, to realize the procurement and warehousing of grain production areas, and to form the world's first 180,000-ton-grade grain by matching with the large grain ports of the Herun Group. Transportation routes. It has fully integrated into the national “Belt and Road” initiative and made its own contribution to national food security. At the same time, Herun Group's real estate, oil storage and transportation, industrial investment and other industrial sectors have also developed strongly in recent years. The comprehensive strength of the company has continued to grow, creating good economic and social benefits.
"Harmonious but different, moisturize the world." The corporate culture of Herun Group is the perfect combination of Chinese Confucianism and modern civilization. Herren adheres to the harmonious and dedicated Sino-American virtue. Adhering to the "harmonious and different" code of conduct, cherishing the ambitious ideal of "moistening the world", The essence of traditional culture, giving back to the public "is the vision goal of enterprise development.
In the new era, Herun people will gather their souls and forge ahead, for the development of China's private economy, continue the chapter!