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Six horizontal management committees for risk prevention, security, and stability carried out fire rescue rescue drills at Jinrun Oil Depot

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“防风险保安全迎大庆”安全生产工作,9月25日下午,六横管委会组织地方消防中队在金润油库开展联合消防救援实战演练。 In order to further improve the emergency response capacity and disposal capacity of enterprises, consolidate the level of fire safety management of oil depots, conduct on-site inspections of the emergency response and rescue social linkage mechanism, and do a good job of “risk prevention and safety to welcome Daqing” safety production work, the afternoon of September 25 The Liuheng Management Committee organized a local fire squadron to conduct a joint fire drill in Jinrun Oil Depot.

At 1700 hours, the drill started, and the staff on duty at the oil depot sounded an alarm and started an emergency plan. The siren called, the personnel ran, and the full-time fire brigade of the oil depot immediately rushed to the scene to carry out fire fighting and self-rescue. Then the Liuheng government emergency command force and Liuheng fire squadron arrived at the scene of the accident and joined the rescue.

Firefighters used spray guns to cool the oil tanks and nearby tanks for cooling. While cooling, the two fire-fighting high spray trucks covered the fired tanks with foam to extinguish the fire. Under the cover of a fire-fighting high-jet vehicle, firefighters wearing thermal insulation suits entered the tank farm to focus on the fire. In the end, with the close cooperation of the oil depot's full-time fire brigade and Liuheng fire squadron, the trapped personnel were successfully rescued, the fire was controlled and completely extinguished.

After the exercise, the captain of the Putuo Fire Brigade commented on the exercise. The overall effect of the exercise was good. It tested the company employees and fire fighters 'understanding of the emergency plan execution procedures and practical operation skills, and improved the employees' fire awareness and emergency capabilities. In the future work, enterprises should continue to strengthen daily emergency drills, improve emergency response and handling capabilities, and unswervingly focus on safety work. All departments must raise their spirit and go all out to prevent risks, ensure safety, and protect stability.