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Life is paramount, Quzhou company launches fire emergency drill

浏览: Release time: 2019-10-29Source : Unknown browse: Times

Fire safety has always been the top priority of enterprise safety production. 9月3日上午,泸州中海粮油工业有限公司组织开展了消防应急演练,各相关部门共计60余人参加了此次活动。 In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees, improve the actual combat skills and self-rescue skills of fire prevention and disaster relief, and further improve the work safety of the enterprise , the morning of September 3, Luzhou Zhonghai Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. organized a fire emergency drill. More than 60 people attended the event. Leaders of the Group Safety Committee came to the site to watch and guide.

Before the drill began, Ding Xinjing, the commander-in-chief of the Emergency Rescue Command Center, was responsible for the mobilization meeting before the safety drill, explaining the drill rules and precautions in detail. Yao Jinwei, director of the Anhuan Department, gave an in-depth explanation of the use of fire equipment and demonstrated the essentials of action. At 10:05, the fire drill officially started. The fire alarm sounded, and all personnel conducted an orderly emergency evacuation in accordance with the designated evacuation line through the fire stairs and evacuated to the safe area of the square as soon as possible. The safety coordinators of various departments immediately mobilized to prepare, put on fire protection clothing, bring fire extinguishing equipment to the fire extinguishing team, and extinguish fires at simulated fire points.

After 10 minutes, the fire was put out and the drill was over.

Participants in the exercise said that the exercise benefited a lot, not only enhanced the awareness of fire safety, increased awareness of fire dangers and emergency response capabilities, but also popularized common sense of fire safety, and improved self-rescue skills for fire fighting and escape. . In the future, we will continue to strictly follow relevant fire safety regulations, effectively prevent and reduce safety accidents, and create good conditions for enterprises to create a harmonious and safe production environment.