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Promote the construction of research and travel bases, and help the development of Zhoushan research and travel business. Leaders and expert teams of the Chinese Ocean Society inspect Lover Island

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On September 21, a team of more than 30 experts, including Tian Xiaoming, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ocean Society of China, Li Mingchun, Secretary-General of the National Ocean Culture Education Alliance, and Qu Jinliang, Professor of Ocean University of China, came to Zhujiajian Lover Island Scenic Area to inspect the marine research project and guide it. Zhuang Yifei, general manager of Bihai Sands, accompanied the inspection.

During the inspection, the leadership and expert team of the Chinese Ocean Society learned more about the construction and operation of the Lover Island Scenic Spot, as well as future development ideas and planning layouts, by listening to reports, site visits, and discussions.

“读万卷书,行万里路”,眼下学游并重的研学旅行已经成为素质教育的重要方式,公司将尽快着手研学旅游基地建设,着力开展海洋研学项目工作。 At the symposium, the general manager Zhuang Junfei stated that “reading thousands of books and travelling thousands of miles”, and now study tours with equal emphasis on study and tourism have become an important way for quality education. . The inspection team highly praised the construction of the study and travel hardware of the Lover Island Scenic Area, and made constructive suggestions for the further construction of the study and travel base. Deputy Secretary-General Tian Xiaoming pointed out that Lover Island should seize the opportunity to promote the construction of research travel bases and help the development of Zhoushan research travel.