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Jiangsu Runhua Logistics unloaded the first foreign sunflower oil tanker with a maximum unloading rate of 1200 tons / hour, a record high

浏览: Release time: 2019-10-29Source : Unknown browse: Times

On August 16, Jiangsu Runhua Logistics Co., Ltd. docked the first foreign sunflower oil tanker "Milly". This is the tenth foreign tanker following the successful takeover of the Song of the Atlantic last year. At present, Jiangsu Runhua Logistics has accumulated 150,000 tons of oil products for foreign trade.

“米莉”号油轮共装载32000吨油品,其中包含非转基因压榨葵油8000吨,非转基因普通葵油20000吨,非转基因毛菜油4000吨。 The "Milly" tanker this time was loaded with 32,000 tons of oil products, including 8,000 tons of non-GMO pressed sunflower oil, 20,000 tons of non-GMO ordinary sunflower oil, and 4,000 tons of non-GMO vegetable oil. This is also the largest oil tanker in Jiangsu Runhua Logistics Terminal. At the same time, the highest unloading rate reached 1200 tons / hour, creating a record high. With the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the handling task was completed safely, professionally and efficiently.

In recent years, Jiangsu Runhua Logistics has continuously improved various functions and qualifications, actively explored new business channels, realized diversification of foreign trade transfer business types, effectively increased the utilization rate of oil tank areas, and further improved the company's efficiency.