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Zhu Junming, Chairman of Shenzhen Grain Holdings, and his party inspected Wuhan Grain and Oil Industrial Park to discuss in-depth cooperation

浏览: Release time: 2019-10-29Source : Unknown browse: Times

On the afternoon of September 15, Chairman Zhu Junming of Shenzhen Shenliang Holdings Co., Ltd. and his party went to Wuhan Grain and Oil Industrial Park for a site inspection. The leaders of Wuhan Zhonghai Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. Xiao Zhenxiao and Executive Deputy General Manager Ge Shaoming accompanied the inspection.

祝董事长 一行参观了产业园各个生产车间及物流码头,并对其作业情况、各类设备、生产工艺等进行了询问了解。 During the period, Chairman Zhu and his entourage visited various production workshops and logistics terminals in the industrial park, and inquired about their operating conditions, various equipment, and production processes. General Manager Xiao Zhenxiao answered the questions raised by the delegation in detail, and further introduced the development status, business model and construction goals of Wuhan Grain and Oil Industrial Park.

Chairman Zhu Junming expressed his appreciation and affirmation for the construction situation, production scale and production technology of the park. He said that the Wuhan Grain and Oil Industrial Park has complete facilities, superior conditions, is in the leading position in the industry, and has strong industrial competitiveness. The company's leadership team has strong management skills and a solid professional level. Especially in the field of grain and oil construction, our company has benefited a lot and is worth learning and exchanging.

Chairman Zhu said that this inspection is to pave the way for the next cooperation between the two sides, and to further clarify the cooperation ideas. It is hoped that the two parties will strengthen communication and exchanges in the future, and strive for an early consensus to create a win-win situation.